This New Celebrity Hair Extension That Has Been Featured On TV Sold Out In A Few Hours

Already loved by Hollywood and music celebrities, this new hair extension is getting 5-star reviews from women across the world.  It’s so in demand, I was afraid I was going to have to wait three weeks to get my hands on it. But it arrived just in time for my best friend’s wedding. Here’s my review.

Monday, June 17 by Kelli Gomez

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I’ll get to the exciting details in just a moment.

First, I want to tell you why I decided to purchase the product.

My best friend’s wedding day was coming up and I felt mounting pressure to look better than ever.

Not just because she was getting married, but I wanted to make a statement that I had happily moved on from my ex-boyfriend Larry, who was likely going to be at the event because he was acquaintances with her fiancé.

And a hot new look is a great way to make the statement that you’ve “happily moved on”. So, I scoured the internet for hairstyle ideas and came across some amazing messy bun options. I originally thought about going with a traditional bridal knot, but ultimately decided that the look wasn’t quite sexy enough.

So, I kept searching and eventually decided on a voluminous top knot with a side band that fell just above my eyes.

While it was a great idea there was one problem when I tried the look. My hair wasn’t quite long enough to pull it off.

Instead of ditching the idea all together, I stumbled across an article about this new salon-quality hair extension that had been featured on a variety of TV shows.

Apparently, millions of women came across the product after seeing it on TV shows like Access Hollywood, Celebrity Page and the CMT Music Awards.

Even Kellie Pickler, American Idol Finalist, actress and country music artist, has been using this hair extension. So, all of the buzz around the product was causing it to fly off the shelf.

I was impressed by her look. But I was also sensible enough to realize the style I decided on was probably going to take a little bit longer than 30 seconds to pull off.

Beautiful hair!!!! Amazing price for the length. Very comfortable and stays in place. I am in love with it and get constant compliments. Will definitely buy again!!
Mayra Rodriguez

Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Well, the product has managed to sell out every month since its TV appearance. It’s also built up a loyal base of followers - from celebrities to models and even ordinary women. There’s been a huge buzz on social media too.

The extension features 30 inches of salon quality, heat friendly fiber that’s powered by patented StyleFlex® Technology.

The company that developed and patented it, PRETTYPARTY, claims it has the flexibility you need to style your hair in all sorts of ways, or change your look whenever you want, perfectly fast.

On their website, I saw that the product already had some compelling 5-star reviews. So, I was eager to try it out.

However, I was a little skeptical because word has it the best extensions are actually quite a bit more expensive. Plus, I wondered whether they had a color that would look right with my own hair.

But since the price tag for this product was reasonable, I felt encouraged enough to test it out. I ordered the dark brown because I thought it would be the best match. I WAS ALL IN!

Today Only. Save $15 on your order with code: GRANDE


Here’s What Happened When It Finally Arrived

When it arrived in 3 weeks my initial thought upon removing it from the package was how life-like it felt and looked. Just like my own hair, the colors are subtly blended, so the match with my hair was fantastic.

Plus, it even looked like the hair that I saw when I watched the tutorial videos on the website, and if anything the color was better than I expected.

Both good signs!

So, I sat in front of my mirror and pulled my natural hair into a tight bun, then applied and secured the StyleFlex® extension by placing it through my bun and wrapping it around my real hair.

I am very pleased with product. Beautiful, easy to put it on and look fabulous!!! I recommended it to my friends already. Thanks a bunch !!!
Tatiana Khokhorina

And just like the video showed, I had it done in about 30 seconds. Nice and simple. And instantly I had the volume I was missing with my real hair. It felt light on my head and looked fantastic. I was impressed!

But I also had to see how well it held in throughout the day. I couldn’t risk having it come undone on the wedding day.

Spoiler alert: It held perfectly!

I also got a great compliment when I went to show it off to the-bride-to-be.

On the day of the wedding, I strode down the aisle in complete confidence.

My ex-boyfriend Larry was there too. I saw him off to the right on the groom’s side and later heard that he was there with his new girlfriend.

I caught a glimpse of him becoming unsettled as I strode with my arm wrapped comfortably inside of a very handsome groomsman.

It was a satisfying moment indeed.

And I owe it all to the hair experts at PRETTYPARTY.

I love love loooove this amazing hair!

If you’re thinking about changing up your hairstyle for a special event, I highly recommend you give The Ruby 30” a try. But if you just want to look good in the morning, or avoid the time and expense of a salon visit, or change up your look when you’re heading out to happy hour or date night, I recommend it for that as well!

As of this writing, I believe they have a good amount in stock.

But I would head on over to their website now to make sure you can get your hands on The Ruby 30” while it is available.

Today Only. Save $15 on your order with code: GRANDE


How to use it

I absolutely love my Ruby. It has given me the confidence and look that I have missed since losing much of my hair due to surgery. I couldn’t be happier.
Joanna Merrill

Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this pony. Came super fast and it's amazing. I've worn it almost daily and feel like the queen b for sure. So easy to use and looks incredible! Cant wait to order more products!
Kate McStravick

I received my Ruby in the mail yesterday and was so excited to use it!! I literally did my bun this morning for work in 30 seconds. It looked so natural and full. Can't wait to try a ponytail
Sophia Lopes

I love this extension. It's the best ponytail I've purchased. The hair is the exact color of my hair and it looks natural.
Marie Villa


Not sure about which color to go with? Send an email to with high-resolution photos of yourself showing your hair and we will do our best to help choose the right color for you and your mood!

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